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What is the reason of wrecker leak antifreeze?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-31

China wrecker truck picture

wrecker truck manufacturer China

Wrecker truck also called antifreeze antifreeze coolant, the vehicle is mainly used to prevent freezing and bursting the radiator and the engine block or head frozen in the cold winter parking, and antifreeze is not only used in the winter before, it We have to use throughout the year, so the antifreeze is a very important part of the vehicle.
If the antifreeze is exposed phenomenon appears, you want to know the reasons, in the following ways:

1. Check the engine external sealing various joints are normal.

2. Check whether the oil which contains antifreeze (probably a cylinder seal damage or other damage).

3. dwell tank dedicated tool packing.

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For reasons wrecker antifreeze leak can be excluded by the above method, if you still can not find the aid to professional maintenance department for further investigation.
Here to remind the majority of riders, the use of antifreeze in the process but also pay attention to the timely replacement of antifreeze, and try to use the same brand of antifreeze to avoid watered.