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What is the quality of Chinese waste trucks?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Source:.
  • Release on :2017-04-24

China's garbage truck has been provided quality, open and innovative road ahead of the line, in recent years, Cheng Li Group frequently respond to the central product transformation and upgrading of the call to the transformation and transformation of compressed garbage factory pilot, the implementation of General order responsibility system. In order to improve the visibility of Cheng Liwei products, by learning the experience of advanced plants, we from the product structure, product appearance, product configuration, processing procedures to start from the following to improve the quality of our factory Products:

Dongfeng 6x4 compactor garbage truck Features

① the main leadership team, a clear division of labor, the responsibility to implement the people so that each process has a personal responsibility, supervision

② I plant all the main parts of the garbage truck built in advance anti-rust paint, and then assembly, making I plant compressed garbage truck in the anti-rust performance straight line

I plant garbage truck parts, configuration to improve the grade, the pump and multi-valve using the old brand Hefei long source, the use of well-known brands at home and abroad Luzhou Zhongda Technology Hydraulic Co., Ltd., tubing replacement For high-density pipe and connector, the resulting improvement of the work of the vehicle of the control of the compressed car, the rate of improvement to ensure that the use of vehicle vehicles to improve the rate, to reduce the dealer's after- Sales service pressure, so that dealers buy the rest assured that customers use Shuxin.

④ paint spray to improve. I plant paint to replace the paint process, the box first sandblasted, and then spray paint, the appearance of neat, the paint is not dirty. So that customers look at the feast for the eyes.

⑤ chassis using the market mainstream best-selling chassis, reducing the time in place of the chassis. Exemption, environmental hot trend of market trends.