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What is the life cycle of the truck brake oil?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-26

In fact, the brake oil is brake fluid. There are three types of brake oil are: castor oil - alcohol, synthetic, mineral oil type, and these three types are particularly role, however, for the use of brake oil, the most important thing is to know how long brake oil Change once. Because it will affect the security issues, whether for their own safety, or the safety of friends and family are very worthy of all the drivers should understand, and strictly enforced.

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To know how long the brake oil for a time, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of brake oil. The front has been mentioned in a total of three categories, castor oil - alcohol is from 45 percent to 55 percent of the castor oil and the same concentration of low-carbon alcohol blend, after a long period of precipitation And finally get colorless liquid, and sometimes will get the color of the liquid, whether the liquid is colorless or yellow, but have a common ground, that is, the liquid is transparent. The synthetic oil is ether, alcohol, ester and other chemical substances and lubrication, antioxidant and so easy to reconcile. There is a mineral oil type, this is the most refined of a brake oil.

As a brake oil, to be able to ensure that in harsh circumstances such as high temperature, high speed and other conditions can still guarantee a flexible transmission capacity. In addition to ensure that the brake oil for other systems and parts on the car will not cause corrosion, and good brake oil in the course of the use will not have a big change, still can maintain a stable chemical properties. Now there is a new brake oil - silicone brake oil, the brake oil for the ethylene glycol to reconcile the brake oil, boiling point is very low, very stable chemical properties, has become a new generation of organic brake oil. However, no matter how good the brake oil, the driver still have to know how long the brake oil for a time, because only to ensure the quality of brake oil, it will not be a problem.

In addition, as a driver, know the brake oil use cycle, should also know the brake oil replacement method. When the driver found that the lack of brake oil, it should be added in time, otherwise it will cause some of the garbage truck brake is not flexible, it is very dangerous. And the replacement of brake oil must also be careful to avoid replacement when the gasoline, diesel or water mixed into the brake oil, once found such a situation, be sure to replace the new brake oil, otherwise it will cause a lot of hidden dangers.