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What is the knowledge of cement mixer truck wheelbase?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-04

We all know that the appearance of small concrete mixer truck has the size of points, but how many people will notice the following cement mixer truck bearing the distance between it?
It can be said to make life difficult for the track, then decided to make life difficult for this place, encountered a narrower than the car frame is not necessarily make life
difficult. After comparison we found that if according to road conditions to choose the car, the most important thing is to look at the car's wheelbase instead of selecting the
car's external frame. Then I will tell you why.

First of all, we all know that the framework of the car is on top of the tire, which is in contact with the ground is the tire. Then that is to determine whether a road over,
the main is to see whether their track width within the width of the road. So we know that the environmental adaptability of a concrete mixer, not only by the impact of the
engine, but also by the impact of track, then we naturally know that the choice of small concrete mixer wheelbase is very important.

Secondly, the wheelbase and the car frame with is also very important. Because we said above the car frame is on top of the tire. Then the reasonable wheelbase bearing how much
of the car frame, must be within reasonable limits. Is the so-called tailored, the car's clothes is the car frame. If the clothes cut unreasonable, not just for the car does not
look good so simple, and its safety will greatly decrease. This is why some models easily rollover reasons - too much car frame, track is too small, the center of gravity is too
high the stability of the car will be self-evident.

Finally, the track between the car, but also to a certain extent determines the performance of the car. Some people will think I am in the bragging, in no hurry I will give you
explain why there is such a relationship. The various functions of the car are achieved by the various components, and the installation of these car parts are required to
provide space for the mixer. Where do these spaces come from? Most of the need to achieve under the framework of the car, while the height of the framework to be as low as
possible (to improve stability), then the width is particularly important. This means that the wheelbase determines the performance of the car, more space, install more
components to achieve more functions.

Therefore, when we choose the concrete mixer truck, we must pay attention to the choice of wheelbase. Chang Jie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., after a lot of theoretical practice
and professional team of data analysis, we have their own corresponding with the full protection of vehicle performance, but also improve the vehicle's adaptability and safety
performance. Welcome new and old friends to visit our company to buy, we all staff welcome your arrival.