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What is the function of Refrigerated Truck Locating System on Refrigerated Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-23

What Does Chang Jie 's Locating System of Refrigerated Vehicles Do to Refrigerated Truck?

Refrigerated transport trucks location management system is an integrated GPS / temperature detection technology, electronic maps and wireless transmission technology, open location monitoring platform. To achieve effective tracking and positioning of refrigerated vehicle resources management, and location information and business resources to integrate.

What Does Chang Jie 's Locating System of Refrigerated Vehicles Do to Refrigerated
The refrigerated truck positioning management system not only provides an efficient and flexible management tool for the refrigeration enterprises and the field workers, but also creates a new and scientific model for the refrigerated enterprises to manage and control the refrigerated vehicle resources. This product is suitable for cold storage compartment temperature data collection transmission, recording and overrun alarm, is the refrigeration industry transport car / cargo temperature monitoring the ideal tool.

In this regard, according to the specific needs of enterprises has been developed "RFID cold chain temperature management system" and "GPS + temperature monitoring cold chain management system." Through the combination of advanced RFID technology, GPS technology, wireless communication technology and temperature sensing technology, the temperature changes are recorded in the management of the fresh food and medicine logistics and the production process management, which need proper temperature management to ensure the quality. "RFID tag with temperature sensor" or "real-time" through the "GPS and temperature sensing terminal with wireless communication technology upload" to the enterprise management platform, the product freshness, quality, detailed, real-time Management. Can easily solve the food distribution process of quality control problems.

The positioning management system of refrigerated truck will help China's logistics industry to break through the bottleneck of the existing monitoring technology at present and establish an effective cold chain logistics management method to provide effective and useful examples of success.