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What is the common causes of fire truck water suction failure

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Source:正在等待翻译……
  • Release on :2016-11-22

Many used fire engines friends know, because subject to the fire scene geographical constraints, the fire truck water is not smooth sailing, different environment to the fire
truck water brings inconvenience, the following I Changjie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Hubei limited The company for everyone to analyze the common cause of fire truck
water failure.

1, fire truck vacuum gauge needle display, but could not stand: the pump inlet pipeline leak; pump to fill the water cocks are not closed or not closed; cooling system cocks are
not closed or lax; pump oil seal or water injector itself Leakage.
2, the vacuum value is very large, do not fall and lead not to Sheung Shui: suction pipe lining off, suction flat; filter into the sediment or being blocked by other items;
water is too low.

3, the vacuum value rises slowly, water diversion time is too long: water ring water diversion device poor water, a small tank of dirt; water intake pipe into the poor.

4, the vacuum value is not high, but not landed: Exhaust water diversion device excessive carbon deposition; exhaust water before the exhaust pipe leakage.

5, fire engines can not lead to water. But the vacuum gauge is not displayed. The vacuum gauge is closed and the vacuum gauge is broken.

The water inlet valve is not closed; the side water inlet cover is not closed; the check valve column and the side ball valve are not closed; the water filter is exposed outside
the water surface (should not enter the water surface); 200mm the following); suction pipe has a serious grinding Department; water diverter has a fault or the intake pipe
block; fire truck water ring water reservoir water tank without water.