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What is the cause of the end of the road sweeping truck sucker walking rubber wheel off, how to deal

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-21

Sweeper trucks are used more and more common, with a long time after some of the technical problems have begun to show. Through the investigation and summarization of Hubei Changjie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., the causes and solutions of the rubber wheel dropping at the trailing end of the sweeping truck are analyzed, which can be used for reference to the users of the road sweeping vehicles.

Reason analysis: the vacuum disk in the behind of sweeper truck walks casters fall off the reasons, the analysis of the general situation is the user in the operation of sweeping the car after the work of forgetting toggle the sucker lift button and then reversing caused, and some in the sweeping car If the speed is too high, the speed will be too high or the sucker will not rise.

Liberation program: When the road sweepers (road sweeper) after the suction floor when the reversing is prohibited, if you need to reverse the sucker lift. Sweeper in the course of cleaning operations found serious damage to the road or when the vehicle through the deceleration zone when the suction cup after the rise, to be passed down after the job. If the road has a larger obstruction or excessive size of the garbage size, do not force through, so as not to damage the sweeping road car suction.

In order to ensure the best suction effect, the ground clearance of the lower edge of the suction mouth of the sweeping truck is very important. It is usually required to be about 7mm. This size can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the support rollers on both sides and the rear of the suction nozzle. With the support roller wear, the size will also be reduced, it is necessary to adjust. Sweeper (road sweeper) to adjust the support roller, the first to loosen its fastening nuts around, and then by adjusting the upper part of the wheel holder to adjust the top wire, so that the suction edge of the lower edge of the ground clearance to the right size. Finally, tighten the cap and bolts around.