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What do you need to do to prepare your refrigerated truck before loading?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-27

I believe we all know that refrigerated trucks are used to transport refrigerated, fresh or frozen goods, a special transport vehicles, in order to ensure the goods in good condition. Before loading goods in refrigerated trucks, what preparatory work should be done? The following Hubei Chang Jie technical engineers will explain a few suggestions for you:

Bear the brunt of the need to pre-cooling the refrigerated compartment, the cargo compartment temperature maintained at the temperature of the value of the transport of goods in the cargo after the cargo compartment, in order to ensure that the goods in this process to keep fresh.

Furthermore, the temperature range and storage period of refrigerated trucks need to be clearly defined, and the temperature of refrigerated units in refrigerated vehicles is regulated within the food storage temperature range.
In this need to remind you that the different goods need different temperatures, in order to avoid too much internal and external temperature difference, in the handling of goods when the goods from the cold storage out of the refrigerator when the temperature difference between the two can not be too large, In order to avoid the surface of the goods generated water droplets, destruction of goods.
The goods transported to the refrigerated trucks in the body after the relevant personnel will not go up and down, so as not to cause the cargo compartment to run cold, damage the overall temperature.

Finally, the refrigerated trucks to clean up the cargo compartment on a regular basis, before loading and unloading cargo to ensure no foreign body no smell, cargo floor clean and no moisture. Do the above preparatory work for the latter part of the transport work to provide the most basic protection.