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What could easily cause the paint of sweeper truck rusted?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-08

Dongfeng sweeper truck price

Dongfeng sweeper truck price

The body paint of sweeper truck is to ensure vehicle body durable,a beautiful and clean appearance.From the first day of sweeper truck's driving on road,it is necessary to prevent the paint from experiencing acid rain,bird droppings iron powder and so on.Because these will cause a big dust to the paint of sweeper truck.Here i will tell why these above could cause pait rusted.

1.The most subtle - Acidic Rain

Today environmental issues have become a big problem, such as in Beijing, which has been turned into the "blacklist" of acidic rain city from no acid rain area. In August 2008, 80% of the rain in Beijing belongs to acidic rain. Acidic rain and snow,whose ph is below 5.6,would react chemically with the pait of sweeper truck to reduce the decorative effect and proctect effect of vehicle pait and to cause the paint to appear astringent sense and even small spots.

2.most disturbing - guano

If guano on the pait of sweeper truck is cleaned the next day, paint may be strongly corroded a corrosion pit by acidic guano. Coating can reduce the adhesion of guano.If coated,you can remove the bird guano with gently rub without corroding the pait of sweeper truck.

3.The most stereoscopic attack- iron powder

There are a large amount of invisible iron powder in the air.During the driving of sweeper truck,the iron powder with a role of inertia directly penetrate to the paint of sweeper truck.Then with the oxidation reaction of iron powder happening,the paint is corroded from inside to ouside,which is the really stereoscopic attack.

4.The most easily neglected one- gum

The sweeper truck stopped under a tree should be careful about the gum.As gum is transparent and colorless, it is difficult for careless sweeper truck owners to find. Solidified gum can cause pits on the paint cover of sweeper truck and more seriously result in cracking.