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What business cao we do by food trucks

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-25

Q: I want to buy a van food truck, where can i do business?
A: Hello, mobile van food truck are the product of today's economic and social development, and its liquidity is strong, and at any time parked in the densely populated leisure square, pedestrian street, station, theater, dock, campus, celebration site, stadiums, tourist attractions and other places. But also can drive to the township, the outskirts of scenic spots, on-site production and sales, that is, health and fresh. Imagine how good your business will be!

Q: I heard that vans are still special vehicles, my principal is not a lot, I do not know whether this car is expensive or not?
A: Our are professional food trucks manufacturer, we refuse all agents, or distribution points, the biggest profit to give you, so you spend the least money, buy the best car!

Your food truck can be customized to install LED car display, stainless steel console, water tank, washbasin, barbecue, frying stove, fierce fire, car refrigerator, LED car TV,
wooden goods placed cabinets, cold drinks machine, ice cream Machine, coffee tea machine and other kitchen operating equipment) can be installed at the top of the ventilation window, equipped with four LED lighting, and reserved lamp with a connector, a multi-purpose vehicle, the package you earn non-stop every day. Car mobile shop, give you a cause of your business dreams.