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What are the use kills of concrete pump truck?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-15

Concrete delivery pump, also known as concrete pump, mainly used in building, bridges and tunnel construction. At present, mainly divided into boom concrete pump and groud concrete pump.

In the course of how to use the concrete delivery pump operation Tips:
(1) The operator and the relevant equipment management personnel should read the instruction manual carefully, master its structure principle, the use and maintenance and the pump concrete related knowledge; When using and operating the concrete pump, should strictly according to the instruction manual execution. Because the operator can fully grasp the mechanical properties need to have a process, so the instructions should be random backup. At the same time, should be based on the use of manuals to develop specific operational points to achieve effective control of pumping technology in a number of variables, such as pump location, pipeline layout;
(2) support the concrete pump the ground should be flat, solid; machine to be placed horizontally, the work process should not tilt. The legs shall be able to support the machine stably and be securely locked or secured. The position of the pump should be convenient for the concrete mixer truck to enter and to the hopper feed, but also conducive to the pumping tube and reduce the pumping pressure loss, while requiring close to the pouring site, power supply, water supply;
???(3) should be based on the construction site characteristics and concrete pouring program for piping, piping design to check the level of the pipeline conversion distance is consistent with the pumping distance of concrete pump. Piping should be as short as possible pipeline length, less elbow and hose. The laying of pipes should be convenient for cleaning, troubleshooting and disassembly and maintenance. When the new pipe and the old pipe mix, the new pipe should be arranged in the pumping pressure. Piping should be drawn during the piping diagram, lists a variety of pipe fittings, pipe cards, elbow and hose specifications and quantity, and provide a list;
(4) When piping vertically upward, with the increase of the height of the potential energy increase, there is the tendency of the concrete to return, so should be laid between the concrete pump and the vertical pipe a certain length of horizontal pipe to ensure adequate resistance to the resistance of concrete Reflux. When pumping high-rise building concrete to be vertically upward pipe, this time the ground level pipe length should not be less than the vertical pipe length of 1/4. Such as the venue limit, can not be placed above the required length of the pipe, you can use the elbow or hose instead;
(5) During the concrete pumping process, with the increase of the pumping pressure, the pumping impact force will force the pipe to move back and forth, which not only losses the pumping pressure, but also the connection between the pump pipe is in the impact and interruption Tension state, can lead to early damage to the pipe card and apron, cement slurry overflow, it must be fixed to the pump;
(6) concrete pump and pipe connection, the concrete pump should be used according to the provisions of a comprehensive inspection, in line with the requirements before the boot can be empty run. No-load running 10min, and then check the institutions or systems are working properly;
(7) construction in the hot season, it is appropriate wet bag, wet cloth and other materials covered concrete pipe to avoid direct sunlight, to prevent the loss of concrete due to excessive collapse caused by blocking the pipe;
???(8) in the cold winter for concrete pumping construction, should take appropriate insulation measures, it is appropriate insulation material wrapped concrete pipe to prevent the concrete within the tube frozen.