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What are the operational safety measures for automatic asphalt sprinkler? asphalt distributor tr

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-20

1, check the automatic asphalt sprinkler cloth spraying device and protection, fire prevention equipment is not complete and effective; asphalt distributor truck
2, the use of fixed-type torch to the asphalt box fire tube heating, should first open the asphalt box on the chimney mouth, and submerged in the liquid asphalt fire tube, you can light the torch, heating torch flame spread is too large or spread When you should immediately turn off the torch, wait for the excess fuel burned out before use. In the early use of the torch, it should be closed before the suction pipe and feed port, portable torch lit after ignition can not be close to flammable;
3, full of asphalt sprinkler should be at medium speed, if there is a bend, when downhill to slow down in advance, you should avoid the emergency brake, when driving the ban on the use of heating system; asphalt distributor truck
4, the driver and other operators on the machine should be closely coordinated, the operator should pay attention to their own safety, at work time in the direction of spraying asphalt 10m can not stay.