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What are the differences between telescopic truck crane and folding truck crane?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-08

Truck crane is used more and more. Currently on the market the most common truck crane accessories is the telescopic arm and folding arm, what the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of crane? How do we choose? To this end, Chang Jie special Vehicle steam for everyone to introduce the two with the The advantages and disadvantages of the crane. In this case, As the folding arm crane with a number of hydraulic cylinders to form a similar articulated boom connection mechanism to complete the action faster, the work efficiency is higher. 

The telescopic boom truck crane is a set of wire rope hoisting mechanism, the reel is transferred to the rope, hook up, reversing the rope dropped hook, the efficiency of its
work is relatively low.

Telescopic arm crane work with a wider radius
In the same arm length, telescopic arm truck crane can also be put through the way of long wire hook to expand the work of the depth, and the folding arm on the truck crane is not easy to complete the work required deeper.

Folding arm is more suitable for narrow working environment
This is determined by its structure, the folding arm truck crane is more suitable for factory warehouse and other relatively small work environment, and telescopic arm due to its structure required to display a larger space.

Telescopic arms are easier to control
Telescopic arm Simple use of wire rope hoisting mechanism, you can strictly control the lifting of the take-off and landing, and folding arm crane with hydraulic cylinder, it is difficult to control the lifting of the vertical take-off and landing.

Folding arm can be equipped with various aids
Folders with hydraulic cylinder device, the formation of similar arm robot manipulator device, can be installed with empty work platform, work bucket, fixture, basket, fork, high variety of grips, auger, installed tire manipulator and Pull pile driver and other aids. As the front end of the telescopic arm is a soft wire rope, there is little see a telescopic arm mounted auxiliary equipment.