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What are the differences between small cement mixer handbrake and foot brake?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-04

Both are the same brake, small concrete mixer truck handbrake, foot brake What is the difference? Presumably many customers have such questions.

In fact, concrete mixer truck handbrake is commonly known as the parking brake, as the name suggests is to keep the vehicle when the parking brake device, only two rear brake
wheel, usually 3-5 hours in the need to stop when used, of course, novice handbrake also need to do Uphill start.

Small concrete mixer truck foot brake is commonly known as the brake, that is in the process of vehicle movement to slow down the vehicle until the static braking device, that
is to slow down, temporary parking and so on, it is brake four wheels.

Because the general is the use of handbrake after the vehicle is stationary, so handbrake strength is not great, is controlled by cable. Handbrake is the professional name of
the auxiliary brake, and the principle of different brakes, which is connected to the use of steel wire after the brake shoe on the brake to the car.

While the car when the car's inertia and power are great, this time to decelerate parking, it is necessary to force the foot brake to be more effective braking.

In general, the concrete mixer truck handbrake and foot brake difference is mainly: foot brake is generally used in the car in the braking or deceleration, handbrake, also known
as parking brake or parking when used. Of course, both can play the role of braking, the former is mainly used for vehicles in the vehicle can play a significant role in the
brake, if the latter may be used in driving the effect is not very good, the latter can also be used in ice and snow road driving To prevent vehicle skid relieve foot brake may
bring the accident, the handbrake is mainly used in the parking to prevent the vehicle in the absence of their state slip. Foot brake is mainly known as foot brake foot brake,
handbrake is mainly hand-pulled handbrake.