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What are the details of the new garbage truck?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2017-03-07
Buy a new garbage truck before the car, please be sure to carefully check the following details of the details of the body decoration garbage car body, has been affected after the purchase of the car after the good mood.

Garbage collection vehicle assembly flatness:
To observe the bumper, in front of the headlamps, the door gap is uniform, in fact, this is not difficult for the old driver, but the novice driver may be difficult, after all, is the first time to see the car, in fact, Paint inspection on it, the paint no problem in general can determine the vehicle did not accident.
China garbage truck manufacturers
Garbage Compression Vehicle Inspection Door:
Check whether the door handle switch is flexible, the door seal is complete; then open the door to see whether the phenomenon of sagging the door, then the door closed, listen to whether the harsh metal percussion, and then compare the two sides of the door closed sound Consistent, if the four doors of the vehicle but also to compare the sound of the four doors are the same, or the latter two are the same.

Transport garbage truck inspection key:
Check whether each key can be opened, lock the corresponding lock, do not take the family's key to open their own car, is certainly not open.

Inspection of transport waste trucks Glass:
Check whether the glass has scratches, especially the front windshield, to have good light transmission, can not appear bubbles, or refractive index abnormal situation.

Transport Garbage Truck Inspection Tires:
Check the whole car tires with or without wear, but in the "back car" in the transport of the tire wear will be great, there is to see whether the same tire brand, not the former tire is Michelin, behind the triangular brand.

Truck inspection of transport garbage trucks:
First look at whether the deformation of the beam, and then see if there is no oil spill, what rear axle, engine, gearbox, etc., and then check the chassis line is not worn or broken place.

If the above check is no problem, the new car will soon be on hand, but do not happy too early to do the last check, driving the inspection should be more stringent.