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What are the advantages of the rear loaded compressed garbage truck?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-23

And other forms of garbage truck difference is: can compress, crush garbage, increase the loading quality, the compression can be density of 200 ~ 400kg / m3 of domestic waste compressed to a density of 400 ~ 600kg / m3, that is, The volume can be reduced to 1/3, or even 1/2, greatly improving the efficiency of garbage truck transport. After loading the compressed garbage truck is the world's best garbage collection truck.

After the installation of compressed garbage advantages and performance characteristics are as follows:
(1) after the installation of compressed garbage truck high compressive force, loading capacity, collection and transportation of garbage fast and convenient;
(2) with a high degree of automation, in addition to its internal garbage, all the operation process can be automatically operated, and the system has multiple interlock protection device to prevent misuse;
(3) the application of hydraulic systems, electrical systems to achieve a variety of sports. Reliable performance, stability, in the loading process, there is no stuck, interference, collision, hydraulic system pressure protection.
(4) after the installation of compressed garbage truck garbage collection in the sealed compartment, will not be wiped to the ground by the wind, it will not appear garbage leak, to avoid secondary pollution of the road environment.
(5) after the installation of compressed garbage truck garbage collection, to achieve a mechanized, automated, do not need many staff loading and unloading, saving a lot of
(6) Compressed garbage truck can also be selected bucket lifting rack, can be used to support the use of the national iron hanging bucket or plastic hanging bucket, strong filling, the garbage into the compartment and compaction and shirking.