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What are the advantages of small suction sewage truck

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-09
Modern sanitation utilities already extensive use of machinery and equipment, and machinery and equipment by allowing sanitation work faster job done, you can put an end to the direct hand contact with some dirty things, a lot of action. Sewage suction trucks also use the city's sanitation more machinery and equipment, which is part of the green with sanitation in models with both large and small, are in most cases with a small suction sewage truck. So, what advantages are small suction sewage truck?
  If the owner helps small suction sewage suction sewage underground septic tank, it can help community, schools, shopping malls and other places water wells within the various ditches, manholes and other underground sewage suction effectively help them become clean and avoid human smoke pollution, widely used. Its performance advantages are:
1. The small suction sewage truck is working under high vacuum, so it is more adequate suction, especially sewage suction pump above a lot of pressure, just a few minutes can be the underground sludge, sewage effectively sucked out, work efficiency high.
2. There vacuum suction sewage truck above the protective device after the tank filled with water can be prompted automatically no longer smoke pollution, protect sewage suction pump.
3. The vacuum pump is driven by manual operation, it can artificially control the work process.
4. The small suction sewage truck tank self excretion, sewage discharged directly when the key operation can be, if there is no feeling of excretion, may also be its cover open, allow dirt drained faster.
5. The small suction sewage truck above vacuum pump, the hydraulic pump is synchronized to work, more reliable.
6, small suction sewage truck, although in a very dirty job, but its appearance is very beautiful, and easy to operate, it is almost a science to understand the operation.
What advantages are small suction sewage truck? Small suction sewage truck prices were relatively cheap, a small suction sewage truck prices mostly 10 million, depending on the actual brands and features, but if you find a special production of small smoke pollution car manufacturers to purchase, the price will be more affordable.