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Were refrigerated truck cold storage?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-07

Refrigerated trucks were not cold storage and refrigeration unit is mainly used for insulation;

Refrigerated trucks were not cold storage. In many people's minds, the refrigerated units on a refrigerated vehicle are free to freeze or heat the goods loaded in the compartments to their required temperature. In fact, the refrigeration unit is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, rather than to reduce the temperature of the goods. A little similar to the past when selling cold blankets, the goods wrapped up, when the external temperature through the radiation, conduction, convection into the refrigerator car body, will be cold air-cooled refrigeration unit away, isolated heat into the cargo.

What are the points to pay attention to when using Changjie refrigerated trucks?

First, the goods must be preceded by pre-cooling or preheat the car:
Prior to loading, the car must be pre-cooled or preheated for about 1.5 hours. Because the vehicle parked in the open air, usually compartment temperature is the temperature of the external environment, in general, the temperature of the goods can not be transported is the ambient temperature, is no need to refrigerated trucks transport. The temperature inside the carriage will affect the temperature of the transported goods, resulting in changes in the quality of the goods transported, so pre-cooling the car to the necessary temperature before loading.

Second, turn off the refrigeration unit loading and unloading refrigerated temperature drop:
In the loading and unloading must be closed when the refrigeration unit, many people in the loading and unloading of goods are not closed refrigeration unit, so that the goods can make the temperature rise more slowly, in fact, this is a very wrong understanding.
If the cooling unit is not turned off, the fan will blow the cool air from the upper part of the compartment while the lower part will quickly draw in the hot air outside, which will cause the temperature inside the compartment to rise rapidly ; If the shutdown and then loading and unloading of goods, because the fan is in a stop state, the air flow to stop, inside and outside the same pressure, outside the hot air into the slower.

Third, the cargo emissions have to pay attention to pendulum goods to be kept inside the cold air circulation:
Goods placed must take into account the cold air circulation inside the refrigerated compartment, the goods are best stacked on the double-sided pallets, fresh cargo pallets can not be wrapped with plastic film, plastic film will block the circulation of cold air circulation to the goods , The car between the top and the best to stay more than 23cm
distance between the goods. The floor of the refrigerated trucks generally have a channel can be ventilated groove, but some did not, if not use double-sided pallet to load to ensure that the bottom of the floor of the cold air circulation.