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Water truck retrofit requires attention to two aspects

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-06

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Buy sprinkler mostly unified production, may sometimes does not meet the production needs of the use, in order to be more successful use of sprinklers, sprinkler needs to be modified. However, modification of the vehicle is not an easy thing, in the modified sprinkler when people need to pay more attention to all aspects of knowledge, in order to be able to ensure a good sprinkler retrofit. So sprinkler retrofit some pay attention to what? Xiao Bian reminder to pay attention to two aspects of knowledge.

water truck retrofit to pay attention to two aspects

1, replace the tires before the need to consider carefully. To make sprinkler can go farther and better, improve its drainage capacity, grip effects, most people will replace its tires, such starting point is good, but you know, the original sprinkler tire production former technical staff on all aspects of fuel consumption, cost, and so do the traveling speed considerations, once the replacement of the tires, then the original considerations before things will disappear; as well as in vehicle speed, the speed limit above may not be original so accurate calculation of the tire, before replacing the tires must be properly considered.

2, modified sprinkler when the vehicle to avoid injury. Some sprinkler body rigidity insufficient, and this time some owners will be installed in the vehicle body to change the balance pole shortage situation; some vehicles chassis structure is a poor replacement shock absorbers, anti-roll bars and other modifications, such measures may be modified let owners use when the sprinkler more smoothly, but it might cause some damage to the vehicle, so before modification must be able to understand clearly, choose a reliable modification business is very important.

water truck supplier prices

Sprinkler retrofit to note is that these two aspects of knowledge, but to remind the different needs of different people use sprinkler, so the problem or problems encountered in the conversion of the sprinkler will not, as in the modification of the sprinkler according to the actual time should be able to situation, all the normal sprinkler use, safety accidents do not occur as a criterion.