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Water truck manufacturers tell you about the structure

  • Author:Water truck manufacturers
  • Release on :2016-04-22
Water Truck components and working systems:
Usually,  one water truck is consist of special vehicle chassis, tank, pipe system and operating system. 
Brief introduction for the four parts as follows:\
1. Special vehicle chassis:  Dongfeng water truck, Faw and JAC brand etc. Mostly use the Dongfeng Brand: xiaobawang, duolika, sanpingchai, 140(long head),145(flat head),153(flat head) and 1208(2 axles)
2. Tank manufacturing: Hubei changjie adopts automatic assembly line to produce, automatic welding, the material is high quality carbon steel, 304 stainless steel also available for special usage.  Tank volumes: 4m3,5m3,6m3,8m3,10m3,13m3 and 15m3
3. Pipe system: pipe channel, valves, filtrating equipment, water outlet(front-jet back-spray, side spray, high side spray, back flatform, sprinkler gun)
4.Operation system: engine drives gearbox, take power off in the gearbox drives water pump, water pump has power to push the water through the pipe out of the tank.  Working range: self suction height:≤7m; spray width:≥14m; Max range:≥28m;adjust columnar,range≥28m,adjust vaporific,range≥15m, farm chemical tray,farm chemical spraying machine,farm chemical pump,inner tank anticorrode and antirust,all position in and out water connection,magnetic valve and air operated valve etc to meet all your demands.
Water Truck components and working systems