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Water truck engine cooling tips

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-11

Sprinklers and ushered in the hot summer months, if you drive too long, then traffic jams every now and then, the sprinkler \"heat stroke\" occurs. Sprinkles the opening once the \"heat stroke\" will the vehicle shock, then the culprit is the engine problem, the sprinkler engine overheating causes a lot, when this happens, try checking the following recommendations:

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1. sprinkler pump: after long use pump in high wear parts ground lost off; the only solution is to get a new water pump

2. water truck radiator cover: If the radiator Cap pressure will lead to spring loose, cover closed and mouth unable to close.

3. water truck exhaust: catalytic converter block or pipe burst, causing the exhaust is blocked and cause the engine to overheat.

4. water truck coolant leak: rupture in the pipe of the cooling system, resulting in loss of coolant, cooling not working properly this situation if a new tube can be improved.

5. a sprinkles fan issues: fan motor does not move or fan clutch failure, not cooling properly.

6. water truck thermostat block: thermostat doesn\'t switch, usually caused by mechanical failure or incomplete filling of the cooling system. Update the thermostat and the temperature coefficient of different, resulting in failure.