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Water truck brakes easily cope with?

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-11

Sprinkler lack of maintenance, brake system parts wear and tear is more serious, it could have very serious consequences, so we have to pay attention to such issues, here are simple to understand.

Cause brake failure causes:

First, the malfunction due to improper operation, such as the downhill for a long time will make the brake friction heat and carbonization, complete brake failure brake hub.

Second, due to overloading, in the presence of gravity, increasing the inertia of the vehicle, a direct result of brake failure.

Third, lacked the necessary maintenance of the brake system, too many impurities, seal in the brake master cylinder, vacuum pump failure, brake oil too dirty or mixed use heated air resistance brake oil, brake master cylinder or cylinder leak oil leak, gas storage tanks or pipelines interface.


, Used car bumpers, cars and steel parts and the side of natural obstacles (rocks, trees, or slope), friction, impact, achieve the goal of forcibly stopping out of danger, reduce accident losses as much as possible.

Second, vehicles in the long slope, steep slopes with or without the situation should step on the brakes. Can be tested in both braking performance, speed brakes also if win control of time, also known as predictive brake.

Third, the uphill when brakes should be reduced in due course into a lower gear, keep enough momentum heading uphill parking. Banpo parking requirements, should maintain a low gear, pull the hand brake, attendant with rocks, wood and other objects stuck in the wheels. After as slip phenomena and should work towards the slopes of the car or the security side, and turn on the headlights and emergency lights, and brought to the attention of vehicle before and after.

Four, down the brakes when you control the speed of the sprinkler itself could not be used, the driver should be bold and use natural barriers, like roadside rocks, trees and so on, causing resistance to sprinkles. If unable to find a suitable terrain, objects can be used, an emergency can be one side of the body up to the hillside, to increase resistance to friction, reduce speed gradually.

Five, according to the direction of traffic and speed control, off top gear, and quickly went one foot empty oil, high speed will shift into low gear. This engine has a lot of traction resistance decreases the speed quickly. In addition, in low gear change at the same time, should be combined with the use of hand brakes, but pay attention to the handbrake cannot be tightened, nor too slow. If you pull it too tight, causing brake disc \"lock\" is likely to damage the transmission parts and loss of braking ability; if you pull too slow will lose braking brake disc wear and erosion.