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Water truck PTO Problem Solution

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-07-13

Chinese export sales water truck

china water truck for sale export

With the emphasis on increasing social protection, it can be used as road dust sprinkler Changjie water truck Dedicated work vehicles, their reliability, and more importantly, because the equipment and machine reliability sprinkler pressure pump PTO power transmission performance are closely related. Based on usage and structural characteristics of the author water truck PTO is common faults and troubleshooting are as follows:

Bearing oil seal leakage and damage

Bearing and seal leakage caused mostly PTO high temperature damage, high temperature PTO following main reasons:

Do not use the power output inch Day (such as water tank and do not spray water) failed to take off. Because it is very high in the PTO speed, and for splash lubrication, uneven inevitably increased friction and heat. Two factors that affect poor lubrication and cooling, high temperature will PTO, bearing and seal damage.

PTO water. Water lubricating oil deterioration, poor lubrication, increased friction and heat, if not, it will accelerate the damage to the power to take various components.

I encountered such a problem, in addition to replacement of the defective parts outside. But also to enhance the use of maintenance management. Whether it is in the use of power to get off the PTO driver; Second, ask the service technician regularly check the oil level and oil power take off, time to add an exception or replace a week.

Connection gear damage

Often because the leak path or due to power failure by a pneumatic valve pneumatic valve control PTO Guadang watering, Guadang not take place, resulting in power take exception to fight tooth gear damage.
Remedy: overhaul gas line, and replace the leaking pipe joints, pressure remained normal.

Output shaft deformation member

An output shaft member deformed Guadang repeated shocks, such as water use my unit has appeared in three power output fault, examination revealed severe deformation Woodruff key connection, keyway connection becomes large.

It should be replaced with a new connection, and adjust the drive train operation.

Not out of gear

Solenoid fever convulsions. Encounter this failure should clean or replace the solenoid valve.

Squeeze fork nut loose. If the nut off, the PTO should be removed and replaced with a new cylinder lock plate, tighten the nut.

In the loose piston rod nut. Inspection method: power take out, to see whether the piston rod nut loose head. If the nut is loose, should be re-tightened when, put the cotter pin.

Spring performance weaken or damage the PTO bar. Hand putter, such as the piston rod feel free travel, power output proof spring is damaged, it must be taken on the basis of the barrel, replace the spring.

Do not hang block

Insufficient air pressure. In barometer measurements, if the air pressure is greater than work under pressure, the force will have to increase the throttle pressure; if the pressure is normal, if the electromagnetic valve before the inspection, the trachea is blocked, either ruptured pipeline leak, if leak It should overhaul, maintain normal air pressure.

Fonseca live stagnation. Power output of the cylinder should be removed, remove the piston rod, piston check, depending on the specific situation or replace piston O-rings, cylinder wall and remove dirt.

PTO damaged cylinder piston seal leaks: Replace the piston seal.
Control system fault. Solenoid valve does not work, you should check the quality of the solenoid valve, sensitive, effectiveness and safety of the switching circuit, the test results on the basis of repair or replacement.

When the gear mechanism engages bad, fork and push rod connecting bolts loose, PTO will be abnormal sound. Encountered such a failure first check whether each member fastening bolts loose, and pay attention to see the lubricating oil, clean the dirt, to keep the local clean, intact, to prevent the bump and scratches. Second, it should also be checked regularly between bushes PTO and pump connection Yao Ming, if not solid, broken, broken and should be replaced.