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Wash sweep truck and road sweep truck distinction

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-23

China sweep truck  picture

With the increasing road mileage of passenger traffic increases, more and more roads will refuse, mechanical maintenance has become an inevitable trend. Currently two main maintenance vehicle on the road: car wash and sweep sweeper. We have to analyze the difference between them:

In fact, from the literal meaning we can clearly understand the difference between the two, as the name suggests: having a car wash to clean sweep, sweep, absorbing layer as a whole, while the sweeper is just as sweeping use.

China Sweeper Price

Car wash sweep a total of sixteen major structural components: 1, chassis, and the secondary engine 3, 4 compartment, 5 hydraulic valve block, sweeping brush drive motor 6, the hydraulic system filter 7, the electronic control system 8, vortex pump 9, the cleaning device 10, the suction fan 11, 12 mid-sweeping brush, rear suction cups 13, 14 stainless steel bins and tanks, diversion channel and a large area filter 15, a TV monitor 16, warning device

Car wash sweep broader application: Can be used alone as a sweeper pavement suction cleaning job; but also as a high-pressure washing car wash pavement sucking operation; road cleaning can also be pumped with high pressure flushing combination as car wash sweep use to achieve cleaning, washing, extractor choose to use a variety of combinations, to meet the various needs of different users.

Sweep car wash performance is also rather special: Set sweeper and high pressure cleaning vehicle functions in one, to achieve complete cleaning in one operation, high pressure cleaning and garbage and sewage collection. Overflowing litter bins set up alarms and anti-high-pressure spray cleaning device. Anti-overflowing warning device when the job is to prevent sewage overflow from the straw, causing secondary pollution; high-pressure spray cleaning device after the dumping of sewage tank can be self-cleaning, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the operator.

Sweeper by the chassis, engine systems deputy, fan unit, nozzle means, before brushing device, trash and sewage water tank and other components. Take FLM5162GSL this type of vehicle, its mode of operation is divided into three types: "heresy clean" and "right-wash" "Plaza cleansing", to meet the difference between cleaning and functions as a full segment.

Sweeper classified according to the modalities of the words can be divided into eight types:

(1) Hand push sweeper and walk-behind sweeper

(2), self-propelled sweeper

(3), pure broom sweeper

(4), suction sweeper broom

(5), pure suction sweeper (multi-purpose all-suction sweeper)

(6), a dry road sweeping vehicles (cleaning vehicles)

(7), wet sweeper

(8), the full suction sweeper

Car wash and sweep sweeper sweeping biggest difference is that the car wash is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins Engine 140 deputy vice-horsepower engine, while sweeper ships equipped Jiangxi Isuzu 57kw sub engine.

You can replace car wash sweep sweeper, sweeper but no way to completely replace the car wash sweep function. It can be said can be used as car wash sweep sweeper, it can also be used as sprinkler use, but also can be used as cleaning cars. But only sweeper can only use as a sweeper. Current trends, will replace the car wash sweep sweeper