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Walking part of the garbage truck with functions detail maintenance

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-13

We talk about the maintenance of sanitation garbage trucks generally chassis parts and functional parts maintenance of both. New garbage truck chassis maintenance car break-in period should begin, sanitation trucks running in period is a journey in 1500-2500km and lifting boxes unloading up to 900 times. Working in the cylinder after 300 times, you should replace the oil. Unscrew the hydraulic oil tank drain plug screw, after you put the old oil, tighten the oil drain plug again, cheering from the upper hole injecting new oil, then start the engine, gradually increase stroke, try running the cylinder action twice, known and reliable. Always check the hydraulic system oil spills. And timely maintenance and replacement of seals. Pipe replaced on a regular basis every two years. Discovered during use cracked, damaged shoulder expansion phenomenon, should be replaced. Automobile lithium base grease lubrication (GB5671-85), available in the grease gun from the choke into the until until the gap in the extrusion.

Sanitation truck tops which we often say first appearance from the start and maintenance of function. After the end of a day job cleaning vehicle and trunk surface. Always check the hydraulic oil stocks periodically lubricate moving parts lubricated, the Guide surface. Regularly checking and tuning gear oil pump pressure; check the oil filter cartridge, remove surface impurities or replace the filter regularly to change the oil. When tank discharge, you should select smooth solid ground to stop dumping, cars should be with the discharge of materials rising, prevent vehicle rollover or the front lifts up. Whether it is snapping and disengage PTO, you must push in the clutch pedal;, PTO and valve when it is in working condition, garbage shall enter the running state. Hydraulic system pressure for the valve on the regulator bolts, the after school setting and locked, the bolt, use not free transfers. User is not allowed to just adjust the oil pressure.