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Various parts Maintenance Notes on a fire truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-06

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Fire truck manufacturer china

Passenger compartment

Always check lights, sirens and various electrical appliances, switches, insurance is intact, complete fuse specifications meet regulations, all types of switch is flexible and effective, otherwise, should carry out repair and maintenance replacement.

Containment tanks

Containment tank due to long years in a state full of fire extinguishing agent fire extinguishing agent to soak containment tank has some corrosion, therefore, should be regularly or periodically containment tank inspection, if found to have corrosion phenomenon, should take timely and effective measures to deal with anti-corrosion prevent rust to expand. Common approach is the rusted areas clean up after fully dried, coated epoxy paint.
Various other valves, piping and associated containment tank should also be checked regularly, identify problems in time.

Equipment boxes

Equipment should always check whether there is water inside, closing the door curtain is flexible, with or without deformation or damage, whether short of oil inside the door chute, greasing if necessary. Equipment is complete, dry and undamaged, each interface rubber ring seal is complete, damage, supplement or replace if necessary. Check the fixed equipment is solid.

Pumping Station

Pumping station facilities are complete, intact, whether there is water, oil, if it should be cleaned, and should check the water and oil is caused by the leakage of the fire protection system for early detection of problems, given repair.

Power take off shaft

Check the PTO oil level and oil is normal, if necessary, be supplemented or replaced; PTO operation is normal, whether the abnormal ring, hanging files and whether separation smoothly, with or without auto-off block or stall phenomenon, if necessary, its dismantling and maintenance. Pump shaft without abnormal sound, check all the fasteners are loose or missing phenomenon. Each ten bytes and the spline shaft is rotated, sliding parts greased.

Fire Pump

Fire pump after every 3-6 hours, the turning parts to be greased again. Apply grease on the fire pump inlet and outlet thread, cover palpable cover.
Artillery fire and pipeline

After each use, we need to fire artillery and pipeline inspection, check the main fasteners, connectors, rotating parts, identify problems in time. And often the various moving parts or regular lubrication.

The (high) pressure and reel in the (high) pressure gun
Have broken hose reel, cracks, interfaces, the valve is intact; rotated take-up mechanism is flexible, easy operation; if there are dry grinding (starvation) is like, lance the interface seal is intact, each operation is flexible and effective mechanism to add oil to be timely maintenance.

Additional electrical, instrumentation

Whether lights, alarm systems, light equipment boxes, pump lamp, solenoid valves, level indicator and digital tachometer and various meters, switches, etc. to work properly; if the fault should be immediately removed, so as not to affect the use; each part of the electrical circuit fuse specifications meet the requirements, or whether the increased size of the copper wire in place and, if it should identify the reasons for exclusion.

Use of a fire truck

Deal with the above components carefully check every week to maintain and fill out the "fire inspection forms." As it is now the problem should be resolved to ensure that fire and always maintain good combat readiness.