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Use of seabed valve for tanker tanker

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2017-12-01

Use of the seabed valve:

Oil tank car seabed valve

The sea valve also known as emergency shut-off valve, installed in the bottom of the tank tanker refueling vehicle, can replace the traditional gas with downloading refueling, operate more convenient, time saving, safety and environmental protection. All the slots are designed on the valve body. When the tanker accident occurs, the slot is cut off, and the vehicle bottom pipeline and the tank body are cut off without affecting the sealing of the tanker tanker. The oil leakage is effectively prevented, so as to ensure the safety of the oil tank.

Function and characteristics of the seabed valve:

1, when the tank truck is filled, the oil and gas recovery valve is opened. The rising liquid level pushes the oil and gas upward, and goes back to the oil tank in the reservoir area through a series of oil and gas recovery system.

2. When the oil tank car is unloaded, the recovery valve is allowed to enter the tank tank of the tank. In a system without oil and gas recovery facilities, air is allowed to enter the tank tank of the tank.

3, high sealing, ensure the safety of tank car transportation.

4. Reasonable design of valve body to ensure high efficiency of oil and gas recovery

The working principle of the seabed valve:
The seabed valve adopts a single acting cylinder structure, and the compressed air drives the piston rod to pull out. Open the middle plunger spring, open the medium, through the medium, finish the work, close the gas source, the plug column depends on the spring, reset the seal, close the valve. In order to ensure that the valve has good working ability, it is necessary to meet the conditions:

1. the system gas source must guarantee the pressure of >0.4MPA when working in the submarine valve.

2. valve and middle plunger must be highly sealed.

3. spring must keep sufficient elastic reset.