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Truck with crane Outrigger 3 kinds of common failures

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-21
CJE analysis of crane truck crane truck manufacturers supporting leg failure:

A, automatic sinks    
Small car left front, left rear vertical leg support rendered during the automatic sinks. Due to relatively small left front leg squat and maintenance were ignored before the left rear leg of the hydraulic cylinder and change the seals he had been dismantling.  

  Second, stop-valves and throttle valve     
Leg and rotating bodies (accumulator) with tandem circuit, by triple gear pump. Small car circuit is qualified by the pressure maximum working pressure 16Mpa its set value. Vertical leg telescoping legs and degree movement, controlled by a solenoid valve. Stop-valves group to put through and cut off the vertical leg and degree of leg of the circuit. Stop-valves and throttle valve (the setting value is 3.5Mpa) composed of low-voltage circuit (vertical cylinder to legs), in three vertical leg cylinder to prevent crane flat non-work under safe conditions. Vertical leg cylinder during the support period, by Rod oil-free fluid control valves on the reverse cut-off, locking the circuit in order to avoid "soft foot" retracted; in motion, by a rod on the circuit is always a pilot controlled check valve reverse lock. So as not to sink on their own. When the solenoid valve is in position, the Tri-gear pumps oil to the Rotary, accumulator circuit oil, balancing valves used to prevent backflow.
Third, on the leg fluid control valves      
Analysis of the leg loops, the defects can only be in two parts: one is a vertical leg fluid control valves on internal damage such as leakage; second leg vertical cylinder surface damage, leak or seal damage incurred. Thinking to the left rear vertical cylinders no problem (when overhaul changed seals), so the first dismantling the hydraulic control valve on the cylinder oil, found traces of physical damage the valve seat and stick with ash, the valve cone is not strict. Cleaning, sand, stone grinding. After Assembly, exchanged left front vertical cylinder hydraulic control valve on the oil, left front vertical legs sinking automatically eliminate, clarify the pilot controlled check valve faulty. After overhaul, the fluid control valves, the original problem has been swept away. Dismantling the pilot controlled check valve, found wrong with the reason above. After disposing of vertical cylinder mounted on the left rear leg on the circuit, left vertical leg automatically sank after bad cleaning.