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Truck sales routine maintenance instructions

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-29
Currently, car owners have developed a fundamental departure before traveling by car to do maintenance on the entire vehicle a good habit, but as a "business partner" of the sale of truck owners are being dictated to, but they neglect the maintenance of the vehicle. Special Vehicle network to remind you, after the remote trek, especially after driving over poor road conditions, the sale of a fully loaded truck, the vehicle will be great losses, the proposed conditional vehicle owners to a service station to do maintenance. Understanding the importance of maintenance, you know exactly which items maintenance do it? Or by the Xiaobian to answer it!


1. Add oil

Check the adequacy of the whole car oil, oil quality is good. Including engine oil, coolant, transmission and other, less liquid is added, the bad and replace oil.

2. To prevent oil leakage

Check powertrain, transmission leaks oil. The main content has several components (such as the engine, transmission, rear axle) there is no leakage of oil and the like.

3. Check tires

Content detection check tire tread surface is normal (such as whether there are cracks, foreign objects).

4. The brake system

Including brakes, brake lines, brake master cylinders, wheel cylinders, handbrake, etc.

5. Check the circuit

Including lighting, instrument instruction is normal.

6. clean engine oil 

Backward conditions in some areas, not necessarily high-grade gasoline supplies, and fuel grade the higher the better the antiknock properties, now car manufacturers have gasoline label requirements, generally require more than 93, if a low-grade gasoline or poor quality gasoline, on the one hand the engine knocking noise; the other hand, tends to exhaust catalyst ie three-way catalytic purifier failure, and then fail emissions, but also partially blocked the exhaust pipe due to poor exhaust, engine performance weakness, and increased fuel consumption. Cause serious engine damage internal parts, such as piston crown pillow melting like. That happens, it will need the engine oil cleaning and maintenance.Truck sales routine maintenance instructions