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Trouble shooting of vacuum pumps in fecal suction truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-30

In the course of work, fecal suction truck vacuum pump usually appears in the boot when there is a certain degree of failure, there are some damage to the phenomenon, and in the
process of running, the vacuum state is not very good, and even noise will appear . Then, let the experts in the technical sector there are authoritative people to analyze, start the fault and the operation is not in place and how the noise in the end.

First of all, from the start fecal suction truck vacuum pump problem. First of all, to know, fecal suction truck vacuum pump because often in some wet environment, so often inside the vacuum pump vessel often rust, or even because of acid and corrosion of the state. So in this case, the first is the need for suction truck vacuum pump container rust treatment, this step is very critical. Because if the suction pump vacuum pump inside the rust more and more, then the final will lead to the accumulation of the feed inlet, as well as blockage and the outlet blockage, or even the oil side of the block, so that problems will be bigger and bigger.

The second possibility, then you need to examine whether there is a certain rotating film wear and corrosion phenomenon. If the rotation of the film there are any problems and failures, but also need to adjust and change in time, because the rotating speed of the film is often very critical, but also for the effect of the vacuum played a key role in the impact.

Next, the need to examine is that fecal suction truck vacuum pump internal electrical system and the circuit system in the end there are no problems and problems. If there is a
short circuit in the motor system or the current circuit, or if there is an open circuit or a voltage disturbance, or if there is an unbalanced state, it is necessary to repair and maintain the motor in a timely manner. This is also required. Indicating that the specified maintenance instructions do some repairs.

If the above three are not mentioned, then this time need to examine the outlet port in the end is not closed, or is not a debris blockage. If there is any foreign matter from the outlet side, then this time for suction truck vacuum pump, it is also a very serious problem. This time, the first need for a good deal of debris port, and the location of the problem parts, so as to allow the exhaust gas flow of the full flow.

If the rotating piece is damaged, this time in addition to fecal suction truck vacuum pump to bring the start of the failure and difficulties, but also in the course of the operation, there will be some noise and noise. So for the fecal suction truck vacuum pump itself, the rotating disk and the rotor is often very critical, but also the core of the system architecture, must not be any wear and tear there is the phenomenon of damage.

Therefore, these are mentioned above, are very important, experts from the technical sector and the authority of the golden rule, for many people in the use of fecal suction truck vacuum pump process which played a very crucial factor.