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Top 10 Taboos and Solving Techniques for Semi-trailers

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-10

Now more and more young drivers joined the team to open a semi-trailer, but some novice because of unfamiliar technology, lack of experience leading to their car often problems and potential danger, Hubei Chang Jie for the majority of novice drivers popular friends A semi-trailer driving skills and often a small problem.
A: speed uneven speed
Expressway on the high-speed (within the required speed limit), but faster, novice will be nervous, the direction will be deviation, easy to cause an accident. But slow, especially under normal road conditions less than 80 km / h, easy to quickly come up after the car caused a visual error occurred rear-end.
Skills: In the high-speed before, give yourself a speed, which is for the future highway, laying a "personality speed." Recommended for the first time on the high-speed novice, the normal road conditions to maintain 90-100 yards, if only less than 80 yards, it is recommended to take the ordinary road. In addition, try to drive in the roadway, do not take up a long lane.

2: forget to check the tires
Temperature is high, fast, easy to cause puncture, puncture will lead to the direction out of control lead to accidents. Tire a lot of reasons to prevent a puncture, but also from the preparation before the start talking about.
Skills: travel the first four tires should be carefully checked again, it is best to adjust the professional repair shop tire pressure. In particular, do not forget to check the spare tire to see if there is good gas. Half-way break, but also check the tires, with a fist knock about to see if normal. If there is leakage, to immediately repair. Once the driving tire occurs, not anxious to step on the brakes, so the car is easy to play cross-control. To grip the steering wheel, gradually slow down.

Three: with the car too close
Expressway speed, the corresponding distance should be widened. To 100 km per hour, a second wheel to get out about 28 meters.
Tip: usually 100 km per hour, with the car distance is 100 meters. Expressway will continue to confirm the distance from the signs, can be used to estimate their own distance with the car. Try not to long with the back of a large truck, such a large car, blocking the front sight. And some truck tail lights dim, hidden danger.

Four: quietly overtaking
Highway overtaking is inevitable. But many novice lack of experience, overtaking forget to turn lights, or a dozen lights have not looked carefully, they began to overtake. There are two major dangers: First, the car may be about to overtake the front, but also by the out, the second is too close to the car or was trying to overtake each other Qiangdao, the collision occurred.
Skills: Before the overtaking must be clear and then hands-on. Especially beyond the large trucks, be sure to know the vehicle in front of your intentions. First hit the turn signal, continuous horn (highway noise on the truck, the driver is not heard), if necessary, to play high-light signal. Began to overtake the decisive, return to the lane to look at the rearview mirror, to ensure safe distance after the car. Also, do not be tense when overtaking, manage their own direction, take their own lanes. In particular, large passenger cars over the occasion, occasionally in the formation of a rotating air between the two cars, this time to grip the steering wheel, staring at the front lane, let it fast in the past.

5: driving beverage bottle cap screw
Driving thirsty, drink drinks, a hand on the steering wheel, single-handedly picked up the beverage bottle, one hand to screw the bottle cap. Not screwed, and looked down, this way, the situation in front of too late to deal with.
Tip: Prepare the beverage bottle with the lid open by hand, or a drink bottle with a straw. If there are passengers, this little thing, must not do it themselves, it is designated by his water supply.

6: missed the export reversing
Accidentally missed the exit, and back, or after the road signs, the sudden brake deceleration, or even stop to see signs, call to ask. This is the highway traffic taboo.
Skills: highway on the road unfamiliar, low speed or sudden parking caused by a lot of rear-end accidents, and mostly occurred in the vicinity of exports. Before starting the best to ask the name of the export to the next, or high-speed entrance to the road officers to find out. And then pay attention to signs along the way, usually 2 km before the beginning of export reminder signs. If you drive too far, do not reverse, only more than one meter is not OK. Should be in the next exit down to the toll station to ask, and then re-road.

7: wiper spray no water
When the spring when the sunny rain, the rain is still wet road, the car splashed in the fine mud will cover the windshield, this time with a wiper is not clean, to water scrape. But many novice did not check before starting the sprinkler, no water spray, a blurred vision, dry scraping, the more blurred.
Tips: Make sure to spray water before departure. Windshield splashing, and water scrape wiping before the first to see the road ahead, the traffic is not complicated, because a water spray wipe, there will be a short blur into the film, this time to reduce the speed, continuous water, wiper Open to mid-range speed.

8t: drive to answer the phone
High-speed mobile phone answering, a distraction, the direction of deviation, two sudden slowdown in speed, easy to cause rear-end rear. Even with headphones, there are the same problems.
Skills: on the high-speed mobile phone to the mute state. Because listening to ring tones do not pick up, the mood will be very impatient, inattention to affect the drive. Open to the silent state, to the rest station, and then come up with a phone to call one by one reply. Expressway is closed, even at home in case of emergency, it is impossible to immediately turn around, or to the next exit and then return. So do not rush to answer the phone on the road. Another method is to designate an occupant to call you.
9: drivers and passengers talk
Zijia You are generally interested in the car are good friends, we joke all the way, the driver sometimes "forgetful" to join. Drivers sometimes to prevent fatigue sleepy, need someone to talk on the side, but talk too into, and will seriously distract attention, lead to adverse consequences.
Tips: Passengers can talk to the driver properly, but do not talk about topics that require brainstorming or debate. The driver should focus on driving, occasionally listen to a few, do not participate.  side wall semi-trailer

10: parking on the road we crowd
In the case of failure on the highway parking, the car suddenly pulled aside, no warning signs after the stop, the passengers are all around the car to see, this is very dangerous.
Tips: In case of failure, if the car can start, to ensure that there is sufficient safety distance after the car, call the turn signal aside, stop in the hard shoulder, open the double jump lights, 100 meters outside the vehicle after the warning signs Reflective card. Each car has). Passengers all from the car, stand to the right side of the fence outside, do not stand in the car onlookers, but can not sit in the car. Many rear-end accidents occur in the parking lot.