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Too much noise refrigerator car solutions

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-12

Refrigerator car sometimes makes a lot of noise, noise comes from where? Targeted to find different sources of noise in the car, can address to eliminate noise. Guangzhou, Guangdong snow frozen car manufacturers of refrigerated vehicle noise introduced four \"sources\": engine noise, tire noise, air, noise and noise caused by body structure.

   1. vehicle engine noise. Apart from the engine block with a mechanical sound, and also include the intake system noise, high-speed gas through the air filter, intake manifold, valve enters the cylinder flows, would produce a very aerodynamic noise. Engine noise consists of retaining wall and floor before part of the cab into the cockpit.

2. refrigerated truck tyre noise. Tire noise is composed of three parts: one is to tread the air gap flow noise and tire air turbulence around the air; second, carcass and tread section of tire vibration noise caused by vibration; the third is road noise caused by road irregularities.

3. refrigerated car air noise. Wind noise is caused by flow separation around the body pressure and noise; the other is air leakage, or sucked out the sound, by cab and body gap suction noise arising from the interaction with air flow around the body; the third is the other noises, including cavity resonance.

4. refrigerator car body structure noise. Is mainly due to two factors, one is the vibration of body structure, and second, metal components in the inside and outside of the body under the action of vibration and noise.

First refrigerator car engine noise. Because car companies while it is in design due to cost issues, some parts will not be using the best materials, such as the car\'s hood is not using sound-absorbing materials, the firewall engine sound no post anti-tone materials through the dashboard below, chassis into the car.

Secondly, the body seal door noise transmission and inadequate. Refrigerated truck two door is closest to the vehicle structure, the door is made up of sheet metal components and door trim. Master in particular that the price below 300,000 new cars on the market, most of the door parts are not soundproof, so close I can feel distinct metal sound.

Third, tire noise, leaf plate, chassis transmission noise. Tire noise with tire material first have a direct relationship, but the main reason is that the car body, when the tyre noise, sound incoming car will pass the fender with the chassis.

Finally, conduction of metals is an important avenue of the noise of the car. In General, low-end cars, high-end car parts are metal directly, do not have any flat measures. Construction must pay special attention to the noise.