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To prevent fuel combustion starts from inspection

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-13
To prevent fuel combustion starts from inspection
Oil, circuit aging caused by spontaneous combustion
In many cases of spontaneous combustion is in oil tank truck engine compartment, spontaneous combustion of the fuel engine hold is mainly due to the aging of the oil and circuit. Tank truck engine compartment insulation rubber aging or damaged, the circuit will cause a short circuit on fire situation such as joint virtual connect, if meet again some inside the pipeline leak or have oil seepage in line on the surface, a fire is inevitable.
Response: summer should make 1 ~ 2 times for the oil detection, found a leak or line aging problem must be timely maintenance. If using for a long time should listen to the opinions of the maintenance service timely replacement. 
China fuel tank truck trailer
Inferior modified induce spontaneous combustion
In the process of modification, the circuit of oil tank truck, oil is likely to change, if the modified personnel's technical level is not high, the quality of the wires, components is not good enough, will surely leave a safe hidden trouble. Between cable and frame, wire clip, for example, broken skin due to vibration friction tail lights, brake lights, wire etc. As a result of vibration friction broken skin due to vibration, the breakage of the fitting socket installation place and make the insulation parts loose, damage, etc.
Fuel tank truck tariler
Response: to change the circuit must be cautious, and try to avoid. Circuit changes must go to regular tanker maintenance services site, under the operation of professional circuit adjusted to have security.
Parking location is important
Due to oil tank truck equipped with ternary catalytic reactor, the device located on the exhaust temperature is very high, average temperature in 400 ℃ to 800 ℃, so once the tanker car with combustible, would easily ignited by ternary catalytic device, leading to a tank car spontaneous combustion fire.
Response: check the oil tank truck chassis when parking, confirming the tanker under no tinder.