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Time tips for the maintenances of bulk cement truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-06

Dongfeng  4*2  36.76m3 bulk cement truck

Dongfeng  4*2  36.76m3 bulk cement truck

1.The contents of daily maintenance

Check the outward appearance of bulk cement truck.Before driving,look around the whole vehicle and check whether there is any damage of lights,wheter there is a inclination angle of the vehicle body, whether there is oil spills and water leakage and other leaking situation;Check the outward appearance of tires;Check the doors,the compartment lid of engine,the compartment lid of trunk and the condition of the windows;For signaling device,open the ignition with the key (do not start the engine) to check the condition of warning lights and indicator lights of bulk cement truck;To start the engine of bulk cement truck and observe whether each alarm lights are normally off and indicator lights is still on;Fuel checking is to observe the fuel gauge indication and give fuel supplementary in time if necessary.

2.The contents of weekly maintenance

Check the tire pressure:adjust the pressure and clean up debris on the tires.Do not forget to check the spare tire.Check the engine of bulk cement truck and various oils:check the fixing condition of various engine components of bulk cement truck and observe whether is any oil spills and water leakage on each joint surface of engine of bulk cement truck;Check and adjust the tightness of the belt to see various parts of the pipeline and adjust the tightness of leather belt;Observe the fixing situation of tubing and wire of each components;Check and supplement engine oil;Check and supplement cooling fluid;Check and supplement electrolyte fluid;Check and complement the power steering oil;Clean the appearance of radiator; Supplement te windshield washer fluid.Clean the interior and outward appearance of bulk cement truck.

3.The contents of monthly maintenance
Check and observe the outward appearance of bulk cement truck:check the extent of the damage of lamps and lamp covers;check the fixing situation of accessories of vehicle body;check the condition of side mirrors.Check the condition of tire wear;Clean up the trunk;When it is close to the wear mark of tires,the tires should be replaced;Check thether there are tire drum kits,the main abnormal wear, aging cracks and flawed and so on.Cleaning and waxing and thoroughly clean the inside of bulk cement truck;Clean the debris on the exteror of water tank,engine oil cooler and  air conditioning.Check whether there is oil spills in chassis of bulk cement truck.IF there is any trace of oil spills,you should check the gear oil of assembly and supplement appropriately.Then do fat supplementary operation to all the nozzles on the chassis of bulk cement truck.