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Three factors influencing the dump truck fuel consumption

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-19
Dump truck engine technology of large displacement car costs me more gas is a lot of people have some idea, the fact is, countries will strongly encourage small-engine cars consumption. However, when the dump truck engine technologies appear larger gap this rule is easy to be broken.
In addition, the Mazda S - n variable valve system, variable intake manifold VIS system, VTCS variable eddy current control system of VAD variable inlet system of Mazda 2 of the 1.5 L models of fuel consumption is reduced to 6.35 L / 100 km, are more fuel-efficient than many of the 1.0 L models. So have to say that the technology level of dump truck engine to a certain extent than displacement influence on fuel consumption even more significant. 
Sinotruk dump truck prices
 Sinotruk dump truck prices
Dump truck transmission form Dump truck transmission influence on fuel consumption is obvious, but for different models, the degree of this influence is also different. Instead of pay attention to the dump truck, the performance of its manual models of fuel consumption of 7.6 L / 100 km, and automatic reached 8.6 L / 100 km, the gap is big, this is because it will shift the timing delay in order to obtain more abundant acceleration.
Dump truck body weight Many concerned drivers will often useless things clean up the car, he knows the weight of dump truck fuel consumption is influential, but this kind of influence have how old? , of course, this is not to get the position of the other cars, but we can learn about a trend, the weight of the influence on fuel consumption is not to be ignored.