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Three Way of Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-27

Asphalt pavement is widely used in road construction, and now most of the highways are using asphalt pave the way. Asphalt combined with mineral materials pavement, so that road surface dust, impermeable, durable. Although the advantages of asphalt pavement a lot, but it also has some shortcomings. Asphalt pavement in the summer when the temperature is very soft, low temperature in winter when the fragile and prone to cracks. Therefore, asphalt pavement maintenance work should be strengthened.

Asphalt distributor truck road pavement maintenance technology is the asphalt pavement in the repair works, mainly for the grass-roots intact, the strength coefficient of 0.8 above the road with a slight crack section. Now there are four kinds of conservation technology to restore the function of asphalt pavement:
First, hot asphalt mixture overcoat
Hot asphalt mixture cover is one of the more common conservation methods, the use of this technology must have the following options: Cover layer thickness: 20-40mm, is used
asphalt concrete or asphalt gravel, the choice of ordinary asphalt or modified Asphalt. The choice is based on road conditions, traffic flow, local materials and the economic viability of the road.
Second, the slurry seal construction technology
Slurry sealing layer used in the slow split or split in the emulsified asphalt mixture, requires asphalt or polymer asphalt content of about 60%, the minimum shall not be less than 55%. Slurry sealing materials used are emulsified asphalt, mineral aggregate, fillers, additives and water. The materials are mixed together according to a certain proportion, evenly spread on the ground after burning, through the process of wrapping, demulsifying, analyzing water, evaporating and solidifying, forming a solid and dense road surface seal.
Third, asphalt surface treatment
With asphalt and aggregate by layer shop by asphalt distributor truck or mixing method of construction, to lay the thickness of the road can not be greater than 3cm. Surface treatment by pouring asphalt and spreading aggregate number of times, divided into single-layer, double-layer, three-layer. Asphalt surface treatment is characterized by cracks
in the sealing surface, waterproof performance, surface roughness, anti-skid performance, construction convenience, speed, low cost.
This method must be combined with these factors to determine: ① good asphalt sprinkling cloth and stone debris spreading equipment; ② have qualified stone, similar size and clean; ③ select the construction season is very important, more rain and temperature Low will affect the laying effect; ④ select the appropriate construction process, control the amount of oil spilled, the amount of stone, with a rubber roller roller.
Editor's Note: The above three kinds of road maintenance technology, maintenance of the road when the road can also be used in conjunction with the different. Mixed with the use
of will have a better effect, not only can reduce road costs, but also can improve the road service life.