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Three Maintenance Methods for Reducing Fuel Consumption of Engine of Flatbed Transport Truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-24

The engine is the key to the power output of a flatbed transport truck, and is also closely related to fuel consumption. So to the engine and its accessories on a regular basis to clean up the system, do maintenance can also reduce fuel consumption. The following brief description of three strokes flatbed transport truck maintenance methods.

Clean the air cleaner

Air filter is directly related to the flatbed transport truck in the process of driving the engine intake problem, wide friendship shop Xiong Gang, told reporters that the flatbed transport truck only in the city, the air filter will not be blocked, But the flatbed transport truck if the dust in the road on the road, you need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the air filter.

If the air filter clogging or excessive dust will lead to poor engine intake, and a lot of dust into the cylinder, will speed up the cylinder coke speed, so that the engine ignition is poor, lack of power, flatbed transport truck fuel consumption Will naturally rise. If you are traveling on a normal city road, the air cleaner should be inspected when the trolley is traveling for 5,000 km. If the dust is too large on the filter, consider blowing the compressed air from the inside of the filter. Blowing the net. But the pressure of compressed air can not be too high to prevent the filter paper is damaged. Xiongjing Li told reporters that in the clean air filter must not be used when the water or oil to prevent oil and water dip filter.

Clean the fuel injector

Because the combustion chamber is prone to carbon deposition, and carbon deposition will lead to difficulties in the start; fuel nozzle coke will lead to oil blockage, gasoline jet deformation, atomization, fuel consumption will naturally increase.

For the combustion chamber cleaning can be used special carburetor, so that the combustion chamber and fuel tank on the coke softened and separated from the surface of the parts, and then remove the softened coke. This method of carbon removal is better than the previous direct wiping compared to the surface does not damage the advantages of parts, and the efficiency of carbon removal has also been greatly improved.

Get rid of throttle mud

There are many reasons for the sludge generation at the throttle valve, and some of the waste gas from the fuel burns to form coke at the throttle; that is, the impurities that are not filtered by the air filter are formed at the throttle. More mud into the air will produce air resistance, resulting in flat truck fuel consumption increases.

Flatbed transport trucks in general driving 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers when the throttle should be cleaned. In the cleaning throttle, the first to remove the inlet pipe, exposing the throttle, remove the battery negative, turn off the ignition switch, the throttle flap straight, to the throttle spray a small amount of "carburetor cleaning agent" and then use Polyester wipes or high-spun "non-woven" carefully scrub, throttle deep, hand can not touch the place can be used to clip the cloth wipes carefully scrub, clean and installed after the inlet hose and the battery can be ignited the negative!