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The use precautions of fire truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-22
Fire truck, also known as fire fighting rescue truck, are mainly used to perform special tasks for fire response vehicles, including China, most of the national fire department will be used for other emergency rescue purposes. Fire trucks can transport firefighters to the scene of a disaster and provide a variety of tools for their relief efforts. Most parts of the fire truck exterior is red, but there are also parts of the fire truck exterior is yellow, the top of the fire engine is usually equipped with alarm siren, warning lights and burst lights. Common types of fire engines, including tank fire engines, foam fire engines, dry powder fire engines, rescue fire engines, ladder fire engines. The quality of the fire truck reflects the level of a country's fire equipment, and even reflects the level of the country's entire fire cause. Hubei Chang Jie special steam special reminders - fire engines in the use of a variety of circumstances, there are different considerations: 

The fire engines rushed to the scene and arrived at the scene after the fire, take a favorable position fire, quickly put fire fighting.

1, the fire truck went to the scene in the driving process, we must ensure safe and rapid driving. Fire engines should be selected from the fire near the fire channel road. Multi-car out, the workshop to maintain adequate safety distance (50 meters to 80 meters is appropriate) road. Arrived at the scene, avoid more than one car into the same combat area at the same time, to prevent the fire commander to mobilize vehicles in a timely manner put into fire fighting, and then delay the fighters.

2, the fire truck drivers in the fire must be determined to obey the command of the fire commander, witty and flexible implementation of the commander's command to ensure the smooth implementation of the entire fire fighting. In the event of irreversible changes in the fire, directly endangering the safety of fire engines, you can first transfer to a safer vehicle to continue fighting, and timely reporting of vehicle parking location.

Fire vehicles into the fire put into fire fighting and rescue operations, the operation should pay attention to several issues.

1, fire vehicles into the fire, the fire commander should be in accordance with the location specified stop the vehicle. The parking attitude of the vehicle can meet the needs of the fire attack and retreat, must ensure that the flexibility to withdraw from danger at any time position. The vehicle engine must be kept running, must not blindly turn off, adversely affected by fighters. When the fire engine starts to supply water, should gradually raise the water pressure, avoids the water gun reaction force to cause the combatant casualty or the water belt blasting, affects the fire rescue work to carry on smoothly.

2, access to water in the process, should pay attention to whether the fire hydrant water supply pressure to meet the needs of fire engines. Recoil the natural water should pay attention to the depth of the river pond, mud, etc., to prevent the shallow depth of the water intake and the intake of silt affected by the fire caused by interruption of water supply.

3, in the fire from the fire truck more than the direct supply of water, the fire should be used for water supply fire relay. Water truck drivers should pay attention to the water tank overflow pipe overflow situation, to maintain an appropriate water supply. In the car can not be observed after the vehicle in front of the overflow situation, the vehicle driver in front of the tank can open the top of the tank manhole to prevent the water supply is too large for the phenomenon of up cans. In the water supply process, by the water tankers should choose a hard surface parking, can not be parked in the hard road, should take the necessary measures to prevent flooding vehicles into the quagmire. Direct coupling relay water supply, should try to use the same type of fire vehicles, the car must be coordinated between each other to prevent improper operation of water supply interruption. In the direct water supply pressure is high, should pay attention to maintain the appropriate water pressure, to prevent injury to combat personnel.