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The use of water tank fire truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-13

Water tank fire truck is the most commonly used, then its use should pay attention to what things?

First of all, when the tank fire truck into the fire scene, you need to instruct instructors to stop at a specific location, and do not let all the tank fire truck all crowded in the field, leading to follow-up fire and the situation has changed when the withdrawal Work becomes difficult, increase the difficulty of fire, increase casualties. In order to protect the safety of fire engines and the follow-up to the implementation of fire fighting, we can transfer the vehicle to a safe area, in order to ensure the safety of the fire, And report the location where the vehicle is parked. At the same time we also need to pay special attention to the point is to prevent the occurrence of water hammer role in the pressure of water in the pipeline, fire hose flow, due to fire valves, fire hydrants, water guns such as the rapid closure and weight Pressure water, so that pipes, fire water within the instantaneous stop flow of water, resulting in pipes, fire hydrants within the instantaneous increase in water pressure, increased water pressure on the pipeline, fire hose, etc., as hammering the same , Such a phenomenon known as the role of water hammer. This may cause pipeline, fire hose and other fire equipment, equipment damage, a direct impact on fire rescue work, but also may endanger the lives of rescue workers. Therefore, we in the water when the pressure should be slow, do not directly use high-pressure fire.