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The use and maintenance of dump truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-19

Dump truck/Tipper is mainly made of the power take off device and a cargo bed composition, according to his chassis carrying capacity can be divided into different models. Use of car dump-turn function, can not only save time and labor for unloading, but also greatly enhance the production efficiency. As modern life essential transport machinery, the use and maintenance of dump truck are also very important.

First, in order to ensure the dump truck in good working condition during running, before driving be sure to do some checking. First make sure the dump truck driver to use the automatic locking and normal drop switch, and make sure the dump truck from the rising alarm and indicator lights work, but also to test dump truck hydraulic systems and joint work is solid, with particular attention and oil operations will not be jamming problems.
Secondly, after the lane before checking again introduce dump truck driving procedures. Before you start driving dumper need attention to the situation of the surrounding environment, while ensuring there is no danger of the situation in whistle ready to travel. In traveling the road and slow speed should be faster, speed up the process appropriately controlled.

Then, at the time of delivery of goods should follow its own dump truck technical parameters, not overweight, overloaded or ultra-high. When transporting bulky objects, should be prepared well in advance of discharge, in particular, be careful not to damage or other body parts. Before dumping the goods to pay attention to the front of the obstacle, the vehicle can not touch the top of the obstacle, to ensure safety and correct uninstall process. In a particularly dangerous place, the need for specialized personnel command.
Finally, after the dump truck closed car, the car can not ignore some of the subsequent cleaning and maintenance. Here are a few basic suggestions: 1. To pay attention to clean the entire body, check all the parts are in good condition, especially checking for rims, bolts, car tires. 2 when the dump truck off the engine, check for leaks ammeter and confirm complete inside other components. These are just a dump truck in normal operation for basic inspection measures, depending on the type of dump truck itself, other problems if the machine needs to be done for further inspection and maintenance, and of course also for the maintenance of dump truck can not relax, as long as each parts are in good condition in order to ensure the normal operation of the dump truck up and running.