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The truth of vehicle power down after sanitation garbage truck maintaining

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-24

Many sanitation garbage truck drivers may not have noticed, when sanitation vehicle maintenance carried out after its engine power is not as good as before, sometimes some drivers friends will blame the repair shop or factory replacement junk car parts or understand the hands and feet. Actually not, as long as you are to the regular maintenance of the sanitation vehicle manufacturers to purchase regular repair shop, the engine power down is a normal phenomenon, which is why?
In fact, in fact, maintenance after sanitation garbage trucks and the new factory sanitation vehicle as there are a run-in period, but such a long break-in period no new factory sanitation garbage trucks, maintenance after sanitation garbage truck Running sanitation vehicle during driver the need for garbage trucks front and rear axle head, brake drum, hand brake drums, transmission and rear axle temperature was careful to check a lot of time after the maintenance repairman because of negligence and sanitation conditions limiting junk car some tight solid like are not adjusted in place, which requires the combination of our own in the process of using the actual check adjustments, such as sanitation vehicle's front toe is too large or too small, and the tire pressure is too low and so requires a combination of run-in period the actual working environment sanitation vehicle to adjust, these will affect the play sanitation vehicle dynamics.
However, if after the run-in period to adjust sanitation garbage truck engine power shortage any course, this time we need to adjust with the above circumstances, if the situation persists after any adjustment, it needs to be open to the sanitation vehicle repair shop for the investigation.