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The tips for cleaning engine fuel system of the Bulk cement truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-02

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Tip 1:Clean the engines of the Bulk cement truck by using ultrasonic
The advantage is that you can use ultrasound to test whether the nozzle is atomized, responsiveness, sensitivity of switch, whether oil spills were detected. But it also has the disadvantages due to that the solenoid valve of the nozzle does not move during the cleaning process, the pinhole of the valve body is not easily cleaned. Currently the newest ultrasonic cleaning machine can be added alternating current to the valve body,which can be open and make reciprocating motion though the eye core.This cleaning effect is better to the solenoid valve. Generally this mathod has higher cleaning costs and you need to remove the nozzle.

Tip 2:Clean by using cleaning agents

This method is simple and just adding the suitable cleaning agent into the fuel tank is ok. But currently the cleaning agents on the market are too many varieties and different specifications.The poor quality cleaning agents,due to the different calorific value (usually too large, the temperature and pressure of combustion are higher than that of the combustion of gas mixture,which let the heat load components and mechanical load increase), in the cleaning process, it is easy to cause damage to the intake and exhaust valve, the piston and the cylinder wall.On the environment, because the soot in the cylinder must be washed out during the cleaning process,the emissions will certainly be exceeded temporarily.The more distinct the cleaning effect is,the thicker and more black exhaust it does,while it shows that most of the in-cylinder soot has be cleaned away.Don't get some cheap free disassembly cleaning services.Currently the free disassembly cleaning machine is commonly used on the market.For the Bulk cement trucks,the charge is based on the number of the fuel spray nozzles.Usually a bottle of cleaning agent can be used to clean four nozzles. It should be noted that because the calorific value of various cleaning agents are different and on the other hand due to the differences among chemical additives, the poor cleaning agents could cause some damage to the fuel injector seals and the three-way catalyst.Besides,long-time cleaning is harmful to the engine related parts of the bulk cement truck.

Tip 3:Clean by free disassembly cleaning machine

The cleaning principle of free disassembly cleaning machine is that by using the original system pressure and circulation network of the engine of the the bulk cement truck to replace the burning fuel by burning the cleaning agent to clean the fuel-cylinder soot , and then discharged through the exhaust system. free disassembly cleaning machine has the advantage of convenience, but also for the nozzle cleaning effect is obvious.The drawback is that the inlet of the previous paragraph can't be cleaned and the condition of the injector can't be checked out as well.For the new car, its cleaning effect generally is up to about 80%.The "clunkers" (no regular cleaning according to a certain mileage) is less effective, but after washed ,the effect of one hundred kilometers is very obvious.