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The timing of the fire truck wheel alignment check

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-19

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Wheel alignment, is to use the suspension system ensures a certain positional relationship between the body, the wheels and the ground. Usually when the wheel alignment, wheel will be asked to follow a certain angle mounted on the vehicle body or chassis, so can guarantee easy driving truck tires can prevent premature wear. Wheel alignment is equipped with a computer through a wheel alignment to diagnose, by a professional maintenance staff to carry out the adjustment.

Fire truck wheel alignment done, can better ensure that the driver easily grasp the direction, easy driving, adjust fire straight running or turning the steering wheel to make it turn, straight running state of natural recovery after the turn. Wheel alignment or detection times are as follows:

1. The fire can not be measured with how long the inspection of wheel alignment, because he was not working every day, a few years it could not reach thousands of kilometers of mileage, so a fire in a year it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of certain wheel alignment check.

2. Also, if the steering wheel straight errors found, you need to check.

3. with the steering wheel vibration, shaking or too heavy, not automatically return the steering position, the operation is not convenient to be checked.

4. The fire truck was traveling around serpentine or bias jolt instability.

5. The tire was one-sided, irregular lumps or feathered wear, etc. as well as when this phenomenon will be carried out after adjusting the tire stop check.

6. When it is necessary to check the installation of the new tires.

7. Dress new suspension or steering after the relevant accessories.

8. If you have to travel with a certain number of kilometers to be checked, it is necessary when the truck traveling about 2,000 km will be carried out once the positioning (especially new cars).