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The structure and principles of Ladder fire truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-18

In telescopic ladder as working arm held high fire engines called ladder fire truck, ladder truck for short.

In general, the ladder trucks is mainly used for rescue, but can also be spray fire extinguishing agent. Most cloud emperor Toru ladder as a simple telescopic arm, some ladders puts the last one made a foldable ladder, the greater the job ladder truck range, operational flexibility stronger, commonly known as a straight crank ladder truck.

Ladder truck structure and principle: ladder truck mainly by the automobile chassis, deputy beams, power take off device, the support, will be installed and the lift system, water system, hydraulic system, electrical system and a safety device and other components.

Chassis: aerial ladders are generally used on the total weight of ordinary road truck chassis 15-20T level. Requirements chassis front axle load capacity, long wheelbase, low center of gravity, engine power to meet the hydraulic pump, the pump needs to work colleagues. As a major part of the vehicle chassis, in addition to carrying that walking, as well as work on the car to provide power and power.

PTO means: a vehicle power take off mounted between the chassis and the gearbox drive axle, the elastic suspension by four points on the chassis frame, chassis and gearbox through the shaft tip links connect the rear end of the drive axle and chassis, the rear end the upper portion of the pump is connected through the shaft, the central front end directly driven hydraulic pump.

Deputy beam: a ladder truck carrying member when lifting working ladder. General (consistent with the direction of the vehicle body) and two beams (the direction perpendicular to the body) consists of one or two stringer components. Deputy girders stringers and beams are made of high-strength box closed structure (steel plate welded), bolts and washers and other buffer means connected with the frame. Stringer cabinets can be routed electrical wiring, hydraulic lines, water pipes, etc., in the center of the turntable back on the bus system each phase. Within the beam horizontally arranged telescopic cylinders.

Leg structure: consists of a set of hydraulic cylinder components, depending on the form of the legs, it can be divided into H-leg X-type structure and the structure of the legs.

H-leg structure: stretching and support actions are independently driven by an internal hydraulic cylinder, simple structure, support legs hit the span, good stability, support force, the use of more common. Each vertical leg features a rotating base, polyamide pads, should be a strong performance. Unilateral support the mode for use at the side of the case there is an obstacle or a wall, reducing the width of the support occupation.

X-type leg structure: complex, small branch legs span and support force, but the force is reasonable, less use.
Waterway system: pump and two types of non-separable pump belt.

Hydraulic system: general by the mailbox, filter, pump, anti-lock fly only oil, oil leg, turret rotation circuit, extending ladder winch oil, oil lifting bucket, turret leveling circuit, ladder leveling circuit, the operation control circuit, insurance for the safety circuit, the working oil bucket leveling and backup emergency oil and the like.

Operation Use: In general, the ladder fire truck similar operating procedures can be divided into: 1, choose a suitable parking position; 2, leg rubbing soap; 3, ladder operation; 4, climb the ladder; 5, bucket elevator operation ; 6, shoot water; 7, the operating manual pump emergency device. Fire should be held high above the ground and erect selected according to the circumstances appropriate parking position, avoid soft, uneven ground and aerial obstacles, and with the high-voltage wire, eye in the sky to keep a safe distance from the water, touchdown House should avoid strength insufficient, it may collapse site.