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The standard of domestic fresh milk transporting truck and its manufacturing Technology

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-08

At present, China's use of fresh milk transporting truck standards have been implemented since 1992, simply can not adapt to the current situation, the milk in the extrusion, the best storage environment is about 4 ℃, milk transport vehicles must be in transit to ensure temperature.
We adopted a number of technological innovation, and ultimately developed a domestic first-class sealed tank. In the nearly 40 ℃ high temperature, the delivery of a car nearly
600 km of milk in the car, the milk temperature increased by only 1 ℃, "the transport of fresh milk to maintain the temperature completely thanks to good sealing insulation
In order to ensure the health and safety of fresh milk, the tank must be cleaned after each transport. In order to polish the most smooth, most easy to clean the tank, a total of eight processes used to polish the tank wall, and finally to create the inner wall surface finish less than 0.8 microns.
Milk tank transporting truck, also known as fresh milk transporting truck, milk tanker, liquid milk truck, liquid food transporting truck, is the transport of fresh liquid milk liquid vehicles. Traditional methods of production of fresh milk, transport from the ranch to the processing plant, in the middle to go through many links, one of the most important is the transport links. Milk because of its specific nature, liquid, easy to precipitate, perishable, so the need for transport containers tank, to be sterile and antibacterial, do not react with the milk. In addition, fresh milk contains a large number of bacteria, limiting the activation of bacteria in fresh milk, the lower temperature of 0 ℃ ~ 1 ℃, completely limit the maximum bacterial growth temperature of 70 ℃. Therefore, fresh milk in the collection should be promptly cooled to below 10 ℃, in order to inhibit bacterial proliferation. But long-distance transport will inevitably change the temperature, and once the temperature changes in the milk bacteria may breed, the milk metamorphism, which requires not only to transport vehicles can be maintained (to maintain low temperature), but also cooling.
Milk tank truck is a special type of tank car used for long-distance transport of liquid fresh milk. It is made of food-grade stainless steel plate. The outside of tank is used as insulation layer to prevent fresh milk from degenerating. The inside of tank is smooth and clean. Acute angle, generally need to be added in each milk cabin cip (cleaning device). Transport distance greater than 500km can be considered small refrigerator. Models include bicycles and trailers. At present, some domestic manufacturers have the production and sale of fresh milk truck qualification. The so-called qualification, one is to have milk tanker production process, technical standards.
Fresh milk transporting truck tank assembly: the whole is divided into three layers, tank liner, made of 304 / 2B food grade stainless steel, plate thickness of 3-4mm, the middle part of the polyurethane foam insulation, thickness 80mm, specific Area for the 100-120mm range, semi-hanging hole part of the polyurethane foam is 60mm thick. Insulation
effect in 24 hours ± 2-3 ℃. The outermost part of the tank is a 2 mm thick 304 stainless steel plate. Cleaning tube (Φ38mm), four or more rotating cleaning nozzle, external water pipes, a little pressure to automatically clean the tank liner. Second, there is a Development and Reform Commission approved the vehicle vehicle announcement, notice generally: milk truck, liquid food truck, to meet the needs of users listed.
1. Frame tank tank food grade 304 stainless steel plate material, the tank can be made into 2-3 tanks, tank liner requirements smooth, no acute angle. Each tank is equipped with
a cip (cleaning device) tank with a cleaning device.
2. The middle of the tank insulation layer, with insulation effect, to prevent deterioration of fresh milk. 30 degrees temperature difference of 24 hours, the temperature does not change more than 1 degree. Insulation material used 80 (mm) thick polyurethane foam insulation.
3. The tank outer layer (insulation layer) using 2mm thick 304L stainless steel plate. Stainless steel outer shell and trunk shape, beautiful appearance of the whole body, the
structure of science, light weight, good strength.
Fourth, each single-warehouse has a separate discharge port (self-flow mouth) and feeding mouth (cans) Infusion valve is set to open automatically adjust to reduce the evaporation loss of the liquid to prevent the positive and negative pressure tank when the liquid filling body deformation; according to the transport medium can be set to electrostatic ground plate. Installation of fire hood to prevent accidents due to static electricity, Mars accidents; less liquid tank, less than 1% of the national standard; optional components; Devices, anti-spill devices, and the like. A variety of configurations, a variety of options to meet market demand.