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The simple self-check methods for brake pads of bulk cement truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-05

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Brake pads and brake discs are two parts.This article is mainly to explain the brake pads.Brake pads need regular replacement while brake discs don't if there is no damage occurs.

Watch the hickness: there is a protruding sign in both sides of the brake pads of bulk cement truck.The sign is about 2~3mm thick,which is the thinnest limit for brake pads to.If the thickness of the brake pads has been parallel with this sign,they must be replaced.Thus,when the thickness of the brake pads is closer to the sign,the owner should watch frequently and be ready to replace.But it is really difficult to accurately observed by the naked eyes without removing the tires.While now there are many models which would remind you in the position of the handbrake light in the dashboard when brakes become too thin.In this case,the self-check would be relatively convenient.There is no strict replacement interval for brake pads according to the driving environments and driving habits. Generally brake pads should be considered to be replaced after about sixty thousand kilometers' driving.When visually observed the brake pads too thin,you should require maintenance technicians to check when in maintenance.Because there would be a deviation from the visually observing, professional repair stations checking by caliper is more stringent than visual observation.

Listen to the sound: if there is some hiss voice like "iron rub iron" accompanied with while tapping the brakes, then brake pads must be replaced immediately. Because the limit sign of the both sides of the brake pads of bulk cement truck directly rub the brake discs.The brake pads have been proven over the limit sign.In such case,replace the brake pads and check the brake disc at the same time.The noise occurs while the brakes usually have been damaged.Then even if the brake pads are replaced,but the noise still can not be eliminated.If serious,the brake discs need to be replaced.When the noise could be heard,it is usually already too late while the brake discs are more or less damaged.The price of brake discs is higher than the price of brake pads.Therefor,it it recommended that check brake pads frequently to avoid any situation happens to brake discs.

Feel the strength: when the brake pads of bulk cement truck become thin, the braking effect would be affected.This moment,you need step the brake pedal deeper in order to achieve the original effect of that a light step can achieve before.The braking effect of the first half significantly reduced.Many people feel the brakes becoming soft and can not brake a little bit.Then we should check whether the brake pads need to be replaced.This method is relatively abstract and  it's no easy to hold the strength feeling.So it's very important to develop a good habit of self-check.Further the decrease of the braking effect will cause the increase of brake oil consumption.Therefore pay more attention on checking brake oil consumption while replace the brake pads.

Many driver friends feel that the vehicle is a slight running deviation in the motion and often at the moment determine to do a wheel alignment.Here we require special attention to that if the vehicle is normal in motion,the running deviation occurs just when heavy braking,then the brake system will have to be checked.