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The self-adjustment of the bulk feed truck decides its service life

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-03

Bulk feed truck trailer tor sale

Bulk feed truck trailer for sale

Due to the precision of the parts and the deviations during the the assemlby process,there must be mileages of driving for the new trucks to run.Therefore, within the first 1,000 kilometers, no more than 75-80 percent of the rated load. The running mileage for bulk feed truck is usually 1000-2500 km.

Full load operation to new vehicle will cause damage to its parts. In each gear, do not make the speed to limit.Keep the vehicle driving at a moderate speed in the beginnning stage of the new one.Shift the gear appropriately and in time.Avoid to keep a low speed at a high gear and a high speed at a low gear.

Emergency brake not only damage the braking system in the run-in period, but also increase the impact load on the engine. Therefore, do not to use the emergency brake in the first three-hundred kilometers traveling. When parking,some get used to shifting at first gear and stepping on the cluth waiting or shift at neutral position while keeping stepping no the cluth.

The approach of "Clutch first,then brake" is the the protective measure in the extraordinary run-in period of bulk feed truck when there is an emergency brake. Also, try to choose good quality road. Avoid excessive vibration, violated conflict and emergency braking to reduce the load to the body and the power systems.Meanwhile bulk feed truck shouldn't be wearied.The loading rate should be lower than 90 percent and choose a flat road. The approach of brake and shift could help the fresh drivers drive more stablely,but that would cause a lot damage to the clutch.Don't keep driving at a gear for a long time.The approach can't be a good drive habit for you.Because after the run-in period,for maitanence of the clutch,that is "Brake first,then clutch" .A large number of fresh drivers in their driving learning period,keep their step on the clutch for afaid of flameout.While they low down the car,they also step on the clutch first.Even if shifted at a high gear or low gear,they don't separate from the clutch as well for the convenient while shifting.

The quality of the running of bulk feed truck has an important impact on the service life and the safety of vehicles. Pay attention to the engine,transmission and other working conditions while driving. After the first one-hundred kilometers, frist running of two-hundred kilometers and the final runnig of three thousand kilometers,totall three periods,the maintanence running of run-in period is finished.After inspection and maintenance,the bulk feed truck can enter the normal period.