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The secret of fuel tank truck installed European standard covers

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-10

In fuel tank truck field, fuel tank truck European standard covers are known as manhole covers, mounted on top of the tank, such a cap, why should install on the fuel tank truck? Many people may scanty, just know this little cover to protect the safety of tankers. Next, small series for everyone to talk about what you do not know about the secret of installation of the European standard covers.

European standard cover is mounting position at the top of the tank(There are also bottom oil system with see valves), the tank's main role is to set the built-breathing exhaust, we typically installed in manhole vapor recovery valve, the amount of hole, anti-flooding probe and the like. Overfill sensing system at oil loading process, when the liquid level reaches the probe position sensing system will automatically alarm to stop oil loading. Built-in tank breathing valve so that the tanker during the internal pressure is stable, the external pressure balance, it was poured to prevent overflow design allows the tanker remain sealed, emergency exhaust pressure in the tank in case of accident under sharp rise in cases will be automatically opened to release the pressure in the tank, so as to prevent accidents, greatly improve the security of transport of oil.
European standard cover functions and features are as follows:
Respiratory: breathing valve in the pressure inside the tank is higher than the external pressure 6 ~ 8KPa or lower than the external pressure of 2 ~ 3KPa automatically open
when the can inside and outside maintain a smooth flow of gas, thereby reducing the pressure inside and outside too much, play a security effect. Breathing valve will be turned
off in the tank internal pressure and external pressure difference -2 ~ 6KPa time, so that the tank to maintain proper pressure and to avoid volatilization of the waste oil.
Dumping spill: In case of unforeseen circumstances make dumping occurs when the tanker, breathing valve anti overflow channel stopper will automatically seal to prevent oil
leakage, to avoid further danger.
Emergency ventilation: When fuel tank truck accident in a high temperature environment, the effective release of pressure in the tank to prevent tank explosion. When 21 ~ 32KPa
the tank pressure exceeds the external pressure, emergency exhaust start work, the maximum displacement of 7000m3h, can effectively prevent fuel tank explosion occurred.
We can set different pressure parameters in the European standard manhole needed to ensure reliable respiratory function and emergency exhaust function.