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The same van, refrigerated trucks of medical waste transfer vehicles can replace the use of it?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-02

Foton refrigerated truck picture 

Foton Refrigerated truck

Refrigerated trucks and medical waste transfer vehicles are all in a van type, the appearance of these two models is basically no difference, just from the appearance point of view it is difficult to distinguish between the two models. But because all aspects of these two models of car body configuration is not the same, and very easy to be distinguished. Medical waste transfer vehicle price more expensive than the refrigerated trucks prices.

Refrigerated truck is designed to transport frozen food, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat and a series of edible products, medical waste transport vehicles are special models for hospitals consignment of medical waste. So instead of using refrigerated trucks of medical waste transfer vehicle use is unscientific, but also the country allowed. Medical waste on the human body there is a great harm, if leaks occur in transit will be a threat to human life and health.

State medical waste transport vehicle production is strictly required in the production of refrigerated trucks and not so much provisions, refrigerated trucks refrigerated only play a moisturizing effect on it. May 2003, the former State Environmental Protection Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission, AQSIQ issued a GB 19217-2003 "technical requirements for medical waste transfer vehicle (Trial)", the specific performance standards for medical waste transport vehicles require a clear provisions. Proposed compartment seal, bottom barrier properties, as well as the vehicle interior surface corrosion and other environmental protection technical requirements. No more than the production requirements of medical waste transfer vehicle is determined not to serve the various medical institutions.

How to distinguish medical waste transport vehicles and refrigerated trucks?

Medical waste transfer vehicle design features:

Medical waste transport vehicles using airtight transport, the back door is double sealed structure, and the labyrinth seal, so that the car is completely closed to prevent the spread of medical waste reach the gas germs. Within the outer glass envelope stainless steel plate, corrosion should be disinfected, surrounded by cars and bottom corner arc process should clean up dead, easy to disinfect. UV sterilization lamp-car installation at the purple line, spray disinfection function. When ultraviolet light is working properly, the ultraviolet radiation of the large number of 253.7nmnm of microorganisms is highly lethal, killing the bacteria within 30 minutes. Car body with a fixed horizontal ring with 5 degrees below zero cold storage refrigeration unit. Under the "Medical Waste Management Regulations", medical waste transport vehicles must use special vehicles with "medical waste" logo and meet the environmental requirements.

Refrigerated trucks Features:

Refrigerated trucks from the undercarriages special vehicle chassis, and thermal insulation envelope (generally made of polyurethane materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic composition, color steel, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration units, refrigerated trucks inside temperature recorder and other components for the special requirements vehicles, such as meat hooks car, the installation of meat hook, down the middle, aluminum rails, ventilation slots and other attachments.

Editor: pro in the purchase of medical waste transport vehicles must pay attention, do not put refrigerated trucks as medical waste transfer vehicles purchase. Although they are very much like from the outside, but the actual use was very different. Some unscrupulous traders in the community for the sake of small cheap, after the transformation of the refrigerated trucks used for medical waste transfer vehicle, such behavior is not desirable, but a problem with the consequences will be unimaginable.