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The routine using way of road sweeper truck steering

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-27

Road sweeper truck steering is currently the most commonly used, the most representative of the two forms: rack-pinion and circular ball. Gear rack and pinion: rack-pinion is the biggest feature of rigid, compact and light weight, and low cost. Since the reaction force is easily transmitted from the wheel to the steering wheel of the road car in this way, it has the advantage of being responsive to the road surface state, but it is also easy to produce the phenomenon of thugs and swing. The gear meshes with the rack directly, and converts the rotary motion of the gear into the linear motion of the rack. The steering wheel pulls the wheel to produce the deflection. Gear is not a simple flat gear, but a special spiral shape, which is to minimize the gear and rack meshing between the gap, so that the small wheel of the steering wheel steering wheel can be passed to improve the operational sensitivity, Which is what we usually say to reduce the amount of steering wheel. However, too tight gear meshing is not a good thing, it makes turning the steering wheel when the steering wheel operating force is too large, people will feel difficult.

Recirculating ball type: This road sweeper truck steering device is a gear mechanism to slow down the rotational force of the steering wheel from the sweeping car, so that the
swivel movement of the steering wheel of the sweeper turns into the rotary motion of the worm wheel, the ball screw and the nut clip The ball into a linear motion, the nut and
then sector gear meshing, linear motion once again become a rotary motion, so that the connecting arm swing, connecting rod and then make the linkage rod and tie rod to do a
straight line Movement, change the direction of the wheel.